10 August 2020
14:00 (Санкт-Петербург)

Temps restant avant l'événement

We are the organizers of regular unique professional competition of shisha masters called “Hookah Battle”. What is Hookah Battle? This is professional competitions for hookah fans, which are held in different cities and countries since 2011.

We are glad to inform all fans of a hookah, that very soon we will hold Woman Hookah Battle Cup 2020, which will take place august 8 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia  on the territory of  Hookah Fest SPB. On this Battle only woman can be team captain.


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Jury de l'événement

Jury Chairman of the majority passed Hookah Battle, co-owner of a network of shops Kalyan.Spb, head of the largest group VKontakte “Lovers of Hookah” and “St.Petersburg Shisha Lounges guide”

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